“In its first two years, "500 for the Fallen" has raised about $50,000, and more than $33,000 was donated during this year’s race, according to Lance Svendsen, the founder of the race’s sponsor, RunAnyway Foundation. Svendsen and best friends Chris Pannullo and Todd Phineas Kelley, who are the primary organizers of the event, describe it as “controlled chaos,” and plan to keep the adventure going.”

“Svendsen, 31, the youth pastor at Stanwich Congregational Church, never got to run the New York City marathon that year because it was canceled after Superstorm Sandy struck. But in less than 36 hours, he organized a “Run Anyway” marathon-length race in Central Park, which attracted some 3,000 runners and raised about $16,000 for Staten Island, N.Y., survivors of the disaster.”

“They say it's the unity of runners, supporters, and first responders that truly defines the meaning, Boston Strong. “You can target the running community but at the end, we're going to be stronger,” said Bock-Nelson.

“This year, they're running for themselves, but also for those who can't. Svendsen will run for his uncle, who passed away from brain cancer. “I run for him all the time now, so it's called Run Anyway and our logo is actually my uncle's silhouette,” said Svendsen, who spoke in reference to a foundation he created called Run Anyway.”

"A lot of people just wanted to finish what they started," said Lance Svendsen, who organized an alternative marathon called Run Anyway. By 8:45 a.m., his group had sent off five waves of runners from the marathon's official finish line, which had not yet been taken down. "It is amazing. My guess is about 600 people have left so far."